Dally Sethi

Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by mom’s cooking. My parents migrated to Iran during the time of India-Pakistan partition. My mom learned Iranian cooking and was already an expert in the Indian dishes. I grew up loving both cuisines as she was very fond of cooking and would whip up delicious recipes effortlessly.

She was my teacher and my mentor not just in cooking but in life. She was a lady of many talents and could do almost anything. She loved growing vegetables and was a huge proponent of fresh food. I have followed her footsteps and emphasized the important of fresh food for my children and grandchildren.

My grandchildren are my pride and joy and there is no better feeling then to see them smile . They love my food and nothing makes me happier than to cook for them . I am dedicating this book to my grand-daughter, Tarina Ahuja who motivated me to publish this book. She asked me to go on this journey of writing a cooking book as a gift for her 16th birthday. This book is not just recipes of delicious dishes but the love of a grandmother.

My other grand kids Armaan Aikus Shahan and my little Reyna have their own favorite dishes . I love the smile on their face and I hope when they grow up they will use these recipes for their own families .Here is to all the mothers and grandmothers from all different cultures who want nothing more than to see their kids smile.

Hope you all enjoy cooking these dishes for your families as much as I do.

Eat fresh food, Eat healthy and keep smiling.

Grandma Dally