1. Carrots – 4 pounds
  2. Sugar – 1 and a half cup
  3. Green cardamom powder– 2 tbs
  4. Butter -4 sticks (16 oz)
  5. Half and half milk – 2 cups
  6. Cashews– half cup crushed
  7. Almonds – slivered almonds 1 cup


  1. Grate carrots first.
  2. In a big cooking pot, add four sticks of butter and grated carrots together and start cooking on medium heat.
  3. Butter will start melting. Mix carrots and butter often and let all the juices mix well until drying.
  4. Stir every few minutes until very little juice is left.
  5. When very little juice is left, add sugar, mix well, and let it cook.
  6. Now add milk and mix it well with carrots and cook until there is no milk and you see carrots are leaving oil.
  7. Add green cardamom and mix well. By now, carrots should be ready.
  8. Turn heat off add cashews, almonds, or any nuts of your choice.
  9. Enjoy
    Hint – This recipe can be made dairy-free.
    Just use smart balance and soy milk or almond milk ( or your choice of dairy-free butter and milk.


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